How to Play Dragon Tiger in S9 Game On Android 2024

How to Play Dragon Tiger in S9 Game? Dargon and Tiger are one of the unique category games. The two creatures are mainly used in Indian stories. Now TeenPatti has added this creature to online earning games. Which creates a fantasy world for players.

Dragon – Tiger

Simple Rules To Play Dragon Tiger in S9 Game:

The rule of this game is straightforward. Players start by placing their bets with bet amounts ranging from 10 PKR to 10 thousand PKR. There are two cards will be displayed on the screen of the game. If the left card shows a number greater than the right card. Then the profit goes to those who place the bet on the Dargon side. If the left Card show
A smaller number than the right one, then would be beneficial for those who had placed a bet on a tiger. There is another condition in this game is Tie. If both cards show equal numbers then the Dargon & tiger tie. your amount of the bet will be refunded to you.

Play Dragon Tiger in S9 Game on Android?

  • First, open the application for Super S9 games.
  • Then find the Dargon Tiger game icon.
  • Next tap on it, the screen will load.
  • After a few seconds, the game opened.
  • select the bet amount by selecting the chips.
  • Which are present in the bottom portion of the game.
    Place your bet on one of the options—Dragon, Tiger, or a tie—and then wait for the cards to be revealed.

Tips and tricks for winning big in Super S9 games (Dargon Tiger)

We brought a trick for you. Which will confidently enhance your chances of a handsome profit. The trick formula is used exclusively for Super S9 games Teenpatti. First of all, you have to Read more than one time. On the first bet, you observe which two numbers have appeared on the cards. For example, if on the one side, there is a 3 number card and on the other side it’s 7 number.

You Sum up these two numbers. We then check this sum against our given Formula to determine which will win next the tiger or the dragon. If “T” is written, it means Tiger, and if “D” is written, it means Dragon in the formula. The formula assigns the number 11 to “J,” 12 to “Q,” and 13 to “K” for numbers above 10. The formula gives the “A” card, which is the joker, the number 1.

S9 Game Dragon Tiger Prediction

1,2,3,4 = “T”
5,6,7,8,9 = “D”
10,11,12,13,14 = “T”
15,16,17,18,19 = “D”
20,21,22,23,24,25,26 = “T”

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