How To Play Crash Game in S9 Game 2024

In the world of online earning games, Super S9 games have introduced Crash game in S9 Game. Which is full of strategic adventure. This game grabbed the attention of all age players. It is designed in such a way that you need to use your mind power to play it. There is a small plane that flies and crashes at a point. All controls of the plane are in your hands. Whenever you wish to start when you want to stop it. If stop the plane before the crash then it will be profitable for you. But if you are unable to stop it before the crash, this will be lost.

Crash Game

How to play?

  1. Open the Super S9 games application and find the crash game after getting this open it by tapping on its icon.
    Wait for the screen to load. Then the game of Super S9 game is on your mobile screen.
  2. There are two gear shape options. On the left you see auto bet and on the right. you find the auto escape. So here you have both turn off these options.
  3. On the right side of the Auto Bet option. you get the plus and subtract option between these two options, there is a red box where your bet amount would be mentioned during play.
  4. Now discuss how to play. After off the both gears shape option. Select your bet and tap on the button of bet after a few seconds. Your plane starts to fly. Now you have to stop it before crashes by clicking on the button of escape.

Tips and Tricks for Winning Big in Crash Game Super S9 games

The strategy statistics of the game are changed by the developer every day. So directly predicting the game graph is impossible. So the first thing in the game you have to do. First of all, when playing this game, you should avoid greed and be confident about what are you playing. Greed can become a reason for defeat and cause you losses.

And if you are not confident about your next step, you might face losses as well. We have prepared a trick for you and we use it or make a profit from it. Now we want to share it with you. The trick is as follows: You should start with a small amount of bet on your game. Place a bet of 20PKR and wait for the plane to cross the 2x then, place the bet
again with 20PKR and wait for it to cross 3x.

Next time, you should keep the bet amount the same and let it go up to 4x, then up to 5x. After that, you should increase your bet for the next round to 50PKR and let it go up to 2x, then 3x the n 4x. Then, the next time increase your bet and make it 100, and let it go up to 2x then 3x. This way your small investment gives you more profit.

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